Mental Health

Keep your mind busy and healthy 

We know that being stuck inside can lead to ultimate boredom. However, don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Here are some ideas to help you pass the time.

• Take out all the puzzles and board games.
• Start a journal or your own blog. (Or, read some of ours)
• Binge watch your favorite shows.
• Learn a new language. Pro tip: download the app Duolingo.
• Utilize meditation to calm nerves.
• All the self care. Create a new skin care routine to try out.
• Write physical letters to friends and family. (We know,throwback!)
• Take on that instrument that's been sitting in your closet.
• Bake a new treat.
• “Marie Kondo” your space!
• Use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts to keep in contact with friends.
• Try an at-home workout. (Youtube videos help!)
• Work on your financial planning.
• Buy gift cards from your favorite local businesses to help keep them in business while we quarantine.
• Pinterest project. Need we say more?

For more fun ideas, click here: USA Today