Quail State - Fresno's First Rooftop Bar

Dated: February 4 2021

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Quail State is a new local bar and restuarant located in Downtown Fresno. At Quail State, they work to celebrate the things that make them different by using fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to create cocktails and delicious food. They are proudly open offically for outdoor seating and take all necessary precautions. Read below for a little more from their magazine interview on the owners, Hayley & Josh Islas-Wolf, vision when opening Quail State.
How long was the idea for Quail State in the making?


My husband and co-owner Josh Islas -Wolf dreamed up Quail State after working years in the service industry.  It became our combined dream four years ago.  We have been working on permitting, construction and licensing for the past two years.


What inspired the idea for the restaurant and bar?


Josh grew up here in the central valley on a farm and when he left to southern california for college thought about how the central valley provides so much produce, though there are not a lot of places showcasing all the valley has to offer.  We wanted to create a space that celebrates the flora and fauna of California and the central valley using local and fresh ingredients.  Also, Fresno does not have any rooftop spaces, and selecting our location in the historic Pacific Southwest Building on the rooftop was essential to carry out our vision.


Why Fresno?


There is so much incredible produce and game in the central valley and we wanted to provide something unique that celebrates all the valley has to offer.  We also really wanted to focus on the natural terrior and as we design our cocktails and food programs we take into consideration the pre-hispanic influence.


What is something special that Quail State brings to the Fresno dining scene?


The San Joaquin Valley is home to countless cultures - each brings with them their own vibrant flavors and unique history. At Quail State, we strive to celebrate the things that make us different by using fresh, locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients to create cocktails and food inspired by the people who call this place their home. Quail State is committed to serving meticulously crafted drinks and expertly prepared dishes for every guest - every time. 


We are a true farm to table restaurant and we believe in minimizing waste and in our cocktails and food preparation try to use all aspects of each ingredient so there is no to very minimal waste.


 Our craft cocktails are all curated to highlight the spirit and seasonal ingredients of the valley with views of the city like nowhere else.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we are the only restaurant and bar completely dedicated to only carrying natural and minimal intervention wines.  We believe that good, sustainable and organic style farming creates great grapes.  By hand selecting natural and minimal intervention wines, you are able to experience wine in a whole new way.  All of our winemakers are using sustainable farming practices and create exceptional wines.

If you had to choose, would you consider Quail State a bar that serves excellent food or a restaurant with a strong cocktail program?


That is a hard one.  We have incredible talent!  We have a legendary bar director, Ashley Afferino, at the helm of our cocktail program who spent the majority of her career in San Francisco at some of the top bars out there.  And then we have our very talented executive chef, Matthew Lee, who went to the culinary institute up in Napa, worked at Bottega and several other well known restaurants up in Napa and Paso Robles.  Both are extremely talented and we are so lucky to have them.  With that said, we think both are equally important and we are dedicated to creating a full dining and drinking experience for all of our guests.


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