MachineHead Brewing Co.

Dated: February 25 2021

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If you haven't figured this out by now, Realty Concepts LOVES LOCAL and we know you do too! We caught up with founder and head brewer of MachineHead (Clovis), Rob Arabian, to learn more about this new delectable brewery.

How long was the idea for MachineHead Brewing Co. in the making?

The idea of MachineHead Brewing Co. took a total of nine years plus from concept to reality. We have been working tirelessly on this dream for nearly a decade trying to bring it to life.

What inspired the idea for the brewery?

My wife and I wanted to create a neighborhood brewery where the creative quality of our beers and our community come together in an atmosphere that is usually seen in larger destination cities like San Diego, San Francisco or Portland. We wanted MachineHead Brewing Co. to have a certain vibe and ambience that brings everyone together and creates an atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and new friendships are made.

What is something unique that MachineHead Brewing Co. brings to Clovis?

Our brewery was built with love from the ground up. We are 100% family owned and independently operated. We didn’t take on a single investor or partner because we wanted to have the freedom to bring our true vision of the brewery to life without any compromise. It’s just me, my wife, and our twelve-year-old son . We risked everything we owned and poured our blood, sweat and many tears into making this happen. The brewery started off as just a dirt lot filled with dreams. My wife and I designed and built every square inch of the brewery with our own hands and couldn’t have done this without the help of our friends donating their time to help us achieve this. We are the first brewery in Clovis to start a brewery literally from the ground up. We brew everything from soft, aromatic, hoppy beers to mixed culture, fruited barrel aged sours, to bold imperial stouts. We only brew with and use the freshest unique hops. We use real fruit for our sours. We don’t use and will never use artificial colors, flavors or syrups in any of our brews. Our brewery is 100% committed to brewing quality over quantity.

Is there a signature brew you are most proud of?

That’s like asking which child I’m most proud of. Haha. We absolutely love our hazy IPAs and fruited sours but if I had to choose one that really took us by surprise and stood out, it would be the sour we brewed called Bleuet. It’s our sorbet inspired sour brewed with an insane amount of real, delectable, tart blueberries and milk sugar to round out the burst of juicy blueberries. Beautiful reddish and purple hue with an amazing aroma makes this beer as beautiful to look at as it is to drink. This beer completely took on a life of its own and made itself a lot of new fans. We couldn’t keep it in stock once word got out. Everyone kept asking for the purple beer with the hard name to pronounce.

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What are you most looking forward to when we are through the pandemic and you can operate MachineHead Brewing Co. as you truly envisioned it?

MachineHead was made to be full of people and we can’t wait to do just that. We are looking forward to actually being able to have people inside our taproom and at our bar. We haven’t been allowed to serve a single customer sitting at our bar or fill our taproom for this entire time during the pandemic. The brewery was designed and built in a way to have people come together, mingle and interact with each other without the distraction of any TVs or electronics. We designed the atmosphere to have people disconnect from the electronics and reconnect with each other and make new friends.

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Any final details that you feel capture the culture of MachineHead Brewing Co.?

We always hear about the MachineHead Vibe and Culture. The brewery has its own culture and personality with a unique mellow vibe that everyone seems to be gravitating to. We can’t really attribute it to a single factor. We like to think that it’s a combination of everything just coming together organically.

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