Flipping Fresno - Fresno High Transformation With Genevieve & Jeff: Kitchen

Dated: January 5 2021

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Jeff and I love to cook!  Naturally, we spend a lot of time in our kitchen.  We wanted this room to be functional but in a really warm and welcoming way.


You've seen enough of our home by now to know that we can't stand clutter, so we spend a little extra on items that are both beautiful and serve a purpose. A good example of this is our pour over. My mom got it for Jeff from Almond Country, a local guy who uses reclaimed almond wood to make all kinds of incredible things. There are tons of ways to swap out items on your counter and shelves to create a more peaceful space.  Investing in gorgeous wooden cutting boards instead of plastic ones is another great way to accomplish this.

If you take your time to design a room, you create space to discover what's missing.  Building a room that feels loved and lived in doesn't happen in a day. One day while doing dishes I realized that I loved looking at our dining room from the kitchen sink. We have this huge dining table made from reclaimed wood and it really cozied up the crispness of our kitchen. So I decided that we needed more wood in our kitchen. We made an extra long shelf to go above the stove and counters and stocked it with books, photos, candles and vintage store finds.  Frequenting local shops and even grandma's house can elevate the feeling of a room. I have a lot of my grandma's stuff in my house, she loves seeing how I've incorporated her gifts into my own home. I also find really unique pieces at Forever Vintage and Found Collective. I feel like I say it a lot, but taking the time to search for decor that fits just right makes a world of difference, even if it means that your room feels incomplete for a few weeks.

Repeating colors and fixtures in different spaces makes your home feel cohesive while also allowing you the freedom to get creative and give each room their own feel.  We used the same shade of black in our kitchen, dining room, hallway, bedroom and now exterior trim. The gold hardware in our kitchen is the same hardware I used in our hall bathroom and my home office. The rooms in our home have different vibes, but still flow together.

For me, decorating isn't about buying things that make a space look good.  It's about filling your home with objects tied to good memories.  Having a strong connection to the objects we place in our homes creates that warm cozy feeling and helps us really take ownership in our space.

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