Flipping Fresno - Fresno High Roeding Transformation With Genevieve & Jeff: Bathroom

Dated: November 16 2020

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Our bathroom wasn’t a major renovation, but never underestimate what lighting, new paint, and a few pieces of personalized decor can do! This bathroom was transformed and given a whole new feel without putting a ton of work or money into it. If you’re looking to do the same, here are a few pieces of advice:


Prioritize:  Although we don't love the bathroom tile, we didn't feel that it was a good use of our money to redo it just yet.  The seller had all the tilework done in 2017 and with so many other projects in the queue, it didn't feel right for us.  We don't plan to be in this home for very long, so we keep reminding ourselves that our wish list for this home and our forever home are two very different and separate lists. 


Work with what you've got:  Going into it, we knew there wasn't much we wanted to change in here!  We definitely wanted to keep the original tub, cabinets, and the wainscoting the previous owners had installed.  I painted this bathroom blue at first.  It made the room feel super cold and we didn't like that.  We wanted a color that would pull out all the warmth in the tile without making the room feel dark.  A friend actually ended up choosing our paint color and we're so happy with it.


Intentional decor:  Mirrors are a great way to change up a space.  The old medicine cabinet made the room feel really short so we added some length and light with the new mirror.  Sometimes, when you are shooting for a minimalist look, it can feel impersonal.  Hanging family photos is a great way to add that personal touch to your space without clutter!  I prefer a few large frames over a gallery wall, it's just a cleaner look in my opinion.  The big gold picture frames are probably my favorite pieces and we actually got them from my grandma.  She has given us some really beautiful things over the years.  Bringing in meaningful pieces like that really fills a space with love!

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