Flipping Fresno - Fresno High Roeding Transformation With Genevieve & Jeff

Dated: October 23 2020

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Bedroom Renovation

Our Why:

Moving into a new home always feels a bit awkward; you’re moving into a home that served a total stranger’s lifestyle and needs.  I believe that our surroundings play a huge role in our moods, so I really wanted this house to be inspiring and filled with personality while also serving our needs.  My husband is in private aviation, so he gets called out on flights at all hours of the day.  It’s not unusual for him to come home from work while I’m waking up, so we wanted a bedroom where he can come in, cozy up and sleep any time of day.  Before Covid, I was pretty involved in the community, and my days were jam packed.  I knew I wanted a monochromatic room to create calm and simplicity after sometimes overwhelming days.  We wanted our room to be a space where we can shut off and relax.  I was really excited about the idea of a black room but kept putting it off because I was nervous at first.  If you have an idea that goes against the grain, just go for it!  Throughout the entire process, I kept reminding myself that if we hate it, it can always be changed.  Here is some things I learned along the way when transforming our bedroom into the monochromatic oasis it is! 

Lessons Learned:  

Live in your space as-is for a bit (even if you really hate it) and give yourself time to discover what really needs to change.  This part was really hard for me, we slept on our mattress on the floor for over a month!  The more intentional you are, the less you have to fix in the future.

Use all your senses.  What do you want your room the smell like?  What colors bring you peace?  What material do you want to feel underfoot right when you wake up?  When you ask these questions, it will help create a room that serves you, not something that just looks good.  It also narrows down your choices in a sea of possibility.

Don’t feel like everything needs to be new!  You can always tweak furniture you have and get creative to make it fit your current vibe.  The black nightstand outside my closet has been painted 3 times!  It was turquoise when we lived in a funky brick loft downtown where we had a ton of color.  Our last home was very light, bright and earthy so I painted it white to match our bedroom.  Now it’s black!  Color makes a world of difference.

We own an older home with imperfect plaster walls.  A huge takeaway that I learned from my friend Chris (shoutout @vintagefresno) is to use matte paint!  This advice was invaluable to me because the matte embraces the imperfections and even romanticizes them.  I made that mistake in our bathrooms, glossy paint is so unflattering on these walls.

Follow along with Genevieve & Jeff as they transform this Fresno High Roeding beauty! 

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