Fall Maintenance Tips for Your California Home

Dated: November 10 2020

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It’s finally looking like fall in the valley! While this brings fall leaves and shorter days, it also brings much cooler weather that can impact your home. Before the month starts to set in, go over our list below to make sure your home is ready and prepared for this coming season! 

Heating System 

  • Change your furnace systems filter. It is recommended that a filter is changed about once every month, especially moving into the colder months. A dirty filter can cause poor airflow in your home. 

  • It can be beneficial to schedule a furnace tune-up. This is a great way to make sure your system is running properly after a summer of no use. 

Windows & Doors 

  • Be sure to seal all windows and doors in your home for the fall and winter season. This will make sure your heated air is staying inside your home and no cool air is coming in. 

  • A hack to keep the heater bill down is to leave your curtains open for some of the day. This can allow for natural heat to come through the windows from the sunlight. 

Landscaping & Exterior 

  • Make sure to keep your trees healthy and trimmed. This will prevent trees from falling or large branches due to winter storms. (It can also help with leaf pick up!)

  • Giving your flowers and plants mulch though the winter and fall season will help preserve your plants and keep them healthy. 

  • Clean out your gutters frequently. ‘Tis the season for full gutters of leaves and water. Make sure to clean them out to prevent damage. 

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